Rebel Wilson: I was embarrassed to take off my clothes in front of my boyfriend. Sex became a real torture. The story of my weight loss.

I still have a hard time remembering that period of my life. But it would be a crime not to tell him the story.So make sure you read until the end, its so important to me that I even prepared a little surprise for you at the end.

For starters, until recently, I was super fat and hated my body. I tried to lose weight with diets, I went to the gym, I took all kinds of pills and teas, but all that did not work.

Before, I didnt mind being fat and it didnt bother me, but after giving birth, I gained 15 kilos. I hated myself. I couldnt look at my reflection in the mirror.

He didnt want to see those folds of fat on his back. Shopping for clothes became hell: the jeans fit well on my hips, but I could barely fasten them at the waist.

Things got worse over time. My boyfriend regularly made an effort to drag me into bed, and in order to prevent him from cheating on me, I had to face hatred for my own body.

It got to the point where I was physically uncomfortable with certain positions and it was a bit unpleasant to have sex like that. 

I was sick of the missionary position because with every movement I heard the unpleasant sound of my huge belly crossing my boyfriends torso. He thought it was funny.

One day when my boyfriend started squeezing my huge sides, I couldnt stand it and tears came to my eyes.

But what prompted me to lose weight was another case. A friend of mine showed me a photo when she was partying, and thats when I said: enough!

The first thing I tried was diets. I ate almost nothing and I got nervous just looking at chocolate and sweets.  Of course, I couldnt stand it and started eating non-stop for the whole week.

When I calmed down a bit, the scale showed +4 kg. Horrible! After realizing that diets werent my thing, I started counting calories and reducing my portions.

2 weeks later, the same thing happened to me and I bloated from eating, so the 3 kg that I lost with great difficulty came back again..

I didnt have enough time to go to the gym, so I started taking all kinds of weight loss pills and teas, which gave me indigestion and abdominal pain..

Not knowing what to do next, I had already decided to have liposuction for a large amount of money and made an appointment for the procedure the following month.

On the way, I met Alba, a former neighbor.  After giving birth, she was overweight that she couldnt get rid of for years, but now she looks like a model with a slim waist and slender body.

She even gave me permission to use the before and after photos for my article. I am still pleasantly surprised by the result of it.

She was so moved that, after a couple of meaningless sentences, I started crying in the middle of the street. Alba sat me down on the nearest bench and asked me what had happened to me.

Finding out the cause of the tears, she told me her story..

"Do you remember how much weight I gained after giving birth? I had real postpartum depression. I was very irritable, tired, lost interest in sex and even distanced myself from my loved ones.

But my brother, who graduated from medical school, saved me and was able to get innovative drops especially for me.

I learned from him that they significantly accelerate metabolism, so that subcutaneous fat in problem areas is burned at a high rate -200-400 grams per day.

They are effective even in cases where hormonal fluctuations are to blame for excess weight.

After completing the first weight loss cycle, appetite is reduced, metabolism is accelerated, excess fat is burned and even cellulite disappears.

Yes, it is not a magic pill that is advertised everywhere and that promises to lose 20 kilos in 1 month, but in the end, only health problems are achieved.

But in 3 months I have managed to get rid of all the excesses and finally feel the joy of living.

I was fascinated by his story. This is my chance, I told myself. But after a couple of hours, my inner voice began to believe the story less and less..

Is it possible to be slim and enjoy life and sex again without the consequences of strenuous dieting and exercise?

To be sure, I decided to consult a doctor I know, Enrique Morales.

He is a cardiologist, but luckily for me his best friend and colleague urned out to be a professional nutritionist, whose contacts he gave me.

I immediately wrote to him on Facebook and got this response:

Dr. Charles Passler

Hi Rebel, nice to meet you.

Firstly, its good that you think about your health and contact me. Today, few people think about it, but the statistics are staggering.

One in four Americans is overweight.

Few people care about it, but even a small deviation from the norm can lead to serious complications, so having even small folds of fat is something to think about.

About 200,000 Americans have recently died from problems caused by complications related to obesity and being overweight.

Women should be especially careful about their shape. Obesity is responsible for 39% of infertility in women.

And obesity can also cause diseases in women, such as uterine myoma, endometriosis, ovarian dysfunction, etc.

And the saddest statistic that everyone is silent. 51% of those killed by coronavirus worldwide were obese.

And the drops you asked me? Of course I've heard of it, everyone talks about it on professional forums these days.

Who would have thought that our American student could invent such a product?

Their main difference is that they produce stable, gradual and real results. You can lose 1 to 2 kg per week without exercise or diet. The average time to achieve results is 3 months.

And most importantly, these drops, unlike their counterparts such as Herbalife, Reduslim, Neurosystem, Furosemide, are completely harmless.

But the most important difference is that all these old drugs do not improve the metabolism, but break down all the nutrients and remove them from the body.

Thus, the body obtains less energy and the natural metabolism worsens when we stop doing it.

On the contrary, VIA KETO is a natural product that increases your metabolism naturally and gradually.

In this way, your body heals itself from obesity and all the resulting diseases will not be a problem for you.

The doctors words gave me confidence and hope. In addition, Dr. Charles Passler unexpectedly shared with me a special calculator with which he could see in how many days he could lose the necessary number of kilos, based on my parameters.

The calculator is based on observations of 100 women in Amerika. Who took VIA KETO daily as directed.

My prediction turned out to be correct with a slight deviation of 2 days. Then I share with you this calculator.

Enter your parameters below and find out how many days it will take to reach your desired weight:

Calculate how many kilos you can lose thanks to VIA KETO

Cuando vi que I could lose 17 kilos in 3 months,all my doubts disappeared. "Even if the result is double, it is already a great progress for me and my body", I thought.

At the recommendation of Dr. Charles Passler, I ordered 5 packets at a time so that I could gradually and steadily achieve the results I wanted. This is how my journey to a perfect slim body began.

In the morning and in the afternoon, before eating, I had a glass of water with VIA KETO. The drops have a pleasant taste and are hardly noticeable.

After 2 weeks, digestion improved, heartburn disappeared, and after another week, the scale weighed 3 kilos less!

It is especially pleasant that I did not have the problem of sagging skin after losing weight, since the drops act gradually and gently and the body has time to adapt to changes in the body.

Now my boyfriend has become much more active in bed, he constantly touches me andcompliments me.

When after 6 weeks I lost another 20 pounds, he took my hand and dragged me to the store for new clothes, because the old one was too big for me.

A few days later he left for work for 1 month. All this time I continued to take VIA KETO. In a month I lost another 5 kg and reached my goal.Its timely! On the day of his return, I decided to surprise him and put on sexy lingerie)

When my boyfriend entered the house, he was amazed.   Of course, I appeared before him in new lace underwear. For the first time in a long time,I felt like an attractive,, sexy, desirable and self-confident woman.

My weight hasnt changed in over a year. Dr. Charles Passler says its because I did everything according to the instructions and gradually worked my way up to my result over the course of several months.

My boyfriend and I are experiencing a second honeymoon that seems to never end. This is my little victory!

As for my health, I no longer have digestive problems, my skin is softer and more pleasant to the touch (boyfriends comment) and of course my mood is better and more stable than ever.

I dont make, any money from these sales. Also, I believe that life-changing products should be available to everyone.

So to make it easier for you to decide on such an important step in your life, I have prepared the surprise that I mentioned at the beginning).

In the form below, you can click the "spin" button on the wheel and try your luck. The maximum discount you can get is 50%.I have more energy, I just want to do what I like, develop myself and meet new and interesting people.

I was inspired by my own story. I do not regret anything, but it would have been nice to know about the drops a little earlier), after several months of negotiations, I was able to negotiate with the manufacturer so that all womenwho want to feel confident, sexy and healthy again can order the drops right here.

I wish you luck. Love yourself and take care of yourself, your body, your health and your emotional well-being. And remember that some results take a little longer, but they will surely come. Enjoy life.

Sincerely, Rebel Wilson